Cat Hacks: Five Tips to Help Make Your Cat’s Vet Visits Easier

Based on a survey commissioned by Royal Canin, 66% of cat owners would take their cat to the vet more often if it were easier to do so! That’s why we’ve compiled some easy tips and tricks to help your cat make it through her veterinary appointments.

Make Her Carrier Familiar

Getting the cat into the carrier is often the most difficult part of getting her to the vet. This may be because we usually don’t bring the carrier out until it’s time for a vet visit. When she sees the carrier, the cat knows what’s about to happen and runs for the hills.

Making your cat’s carrier more comfortable and familiar can make transporting her to the vet much easier. Start by leaving the carrier out all the time so she can claim it as part of her territory. Making it a safe place by feeding her there or adding a towel to make it cozy (and to use when you’re at the vet) can show your cat that the carrier is a positive thing.

Make the Vet Visit a Positive Experience

It’s not hard to imagine that vet visits can seem scary to a cat. Feeding your cat veterinary-approved treats from carrier to clinic will help create a positive connection with her trip and distract her during the more anxious experiences, like the busy waiting room or the examination.

Take Advantage of Slow Times at the Clinic

The waiting room of an animal hospital can be loud and full of unfamiliar animals and smells, making it a chaotic and overwhelming environment for many cats.  

Ask your vet if certain days or times at the clinic are slower than others. Scheduling appointments at those times may help your cat feel less overwhelmed by the sounds and smells of a new environment.

Give Your Cat Practice Exams

In the examination room, your vet will give your cat a full examination from nose to tail. To make your cat comfortable with being touched in such a manner, consider giving her practice examinations at home and positively reward her for letting you look at and touch areas like her belly, feet, face and ears.

Talk to Your Vet

Your veterinarian is your best partner to help your cat feel comfortable inside and outside the clinic. Discuss with him or her other ideas to help make the vet visit less stressful.

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