The Maltese: The Original Lapdog

Breed History

The Maltese is an ancient lapdog that can trace his history back 28 centuries or more! The history of the Maltese’s purpose is scant; however, paintings and records from as early as AD 40 indicate that these dogs were an integral part of family life. But for those who own a Maltese, it’s no surprise that the dog Aristotle once called “a cloud floating in the sky” is so popular today.

Gentle and Glamorous

These pampered pups have been the closest companions of the rich and famous for a very long time, probably due to their small size and glamorous coat. The Maltese weighs between six and eight pounds and is only10 inches tall. They have a show-stopping, pure white coat that is accentuated by dark eyes that enhance their gentle yet alert expression. If you plan to keep your Maltese in a full coat, be prepared for a lot of grooming! Those coats look and feel like hair and should be washed and brushed regularly.

These dogs make great family pets as long as children are supervised while playing near or with them. They can adapt to almost any environment and need only a quick daily walk.

Health and Wellness

The Maltese is a generally healthy dog that isn’t known for having many health issues. However, they can be prone to dental disease, so make sure you brush their teeth frequently. You can also find food with a kibble texture to help reduce tartar formation. Some foods will also include ingredients to help keep that beautiful coat looking cloud-like.

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