The Bengal Cat – Intelligent and Athletic

Bengal Cat History

The Bengal cat is a relatively new breed. The first official Bengal cat was bred in 1963 when a breeder crossed an American Shorthair cat and an Asian Leopard cat. Since then, demand for these cats has grown exponentially. The International Cat Association recognized the Bengal as its own breed in 1986. Shortly thereafter, in 1991, the Bengal became a consistent champion in the show cat world.

One of a Kind

The Bengal cat is quite similar to its ancestor, the Asian Leopard cat, both in looks and personality! They share the same spots, or rosettes, and body structure, with their back legs longer than their front legs, and they even make the same chirping sounds!  

Bengal cats are also highly active, intelligent and curious. They enjoy being on higher ground or outside where they can let their wild side shine. They also enjoy challenging their owners with their intellect and resist training, so these may not be the best cats for first-time cat owners. However, they can be fun family pets for experienced cat owners and older children who have time to play with them.

Bengal Cat Health and Wellness

 Bengals are known for being relatively healthy; however, Bengal owners should keep an eye out for certain conditions. Some Bengal lines are susceptible to cataracts, heart issues and digestive issues. These can be managed with regular visits to a veterinarian. Because of her wildcat ancestry, the Bengal cat is lean and athletic. Look for food with the appropriate ratio of protein to fat content to help maintain that muscle mass.

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