The Beagle: Curious and Cuddly

Beagle History

Today’s Beagles come from a long line of hunting dogs and hounds that span the globe. However, the Beagle as we know it today first originated in 1840 in Great Britain, when breeders began to experiment with breeding together the various hounds they used for hunting. Since then, Beagle enthusiasts have bred this hound into an excellent family pet.

The Beagle was officially recognized by the AKC in 1885. Since then, the breed’s popularity has spread rapidly, making it the fifth most popular dog in the United States.

Following Their Noses

A Beagle lives by his nose. As a scent hound with a curious nature, it’s easy for a Beagle to get distracted and follow the more interesting smell. As a result, Beagles, though intelligent and well-tempered, can be hard to train. Owners will often have to compete with a more engrossing smell for the Beagle’s attention. A helpful hint to remember is that Beagles are highly food-motivated, so owners can try to keep their attention with a delicious-smelling, dog-friendly treat.

Beagles are also known for their “talkativeness.” Even though they are a smaller-sized dog, their howling and barking can disturb apartment dwellers. Their communicative and curious nature, combined with their high energy, means that the Beagle would do best in an escape-proof fenced yard. Remember, a Beagle will follow his nose, so it’s important not to have any gaps in the fence.

Because Beagles have a propensity to gain weight, it’s important to exercise them regularly. Daily walks and games of fetch are great ways to keep your Beagle active and engaged.

Health Considerations

Beagles are generally healthy animals but are predisposed to cherry eyes and glaucoma, both of which can be looked for at biannual vet visits. Because Beagles are also predisposed to weight gain, it’s important to exercise them regularly and feed them a food that’s filling to help control food intake and help maintain ideal weight and muscle mass, like ROYAL CANIN®  BREED HEALTH NUTRITION® Beagle formula.