The Exercise Connection to Healthy Dog Weight Loss

A dog’s exercise and activity needs are based on breed, age, size and general health. A combination of walking, running, and playing fetch, will help keep exercise routines interesting.

Before you head out the door with leash in hand, check with your veterinarian to see that your dog is in healthy physical condition and ready for exercise. The objective is not to exhaust him to the point of collapse, but to slowly build muscle mass, burn calories and create emotional bonding opportunities.

Ask your veterinarian for guidance on an exercise routine appropriate for your dog’s breed, age and physical condition.

Healthy weight loss equals diet and exercise for dogs, too

Sticking to a well-planned weight loss program is tough, but everyone knows that including regular exercise in your routine helps you to achieve your weight loss goal. The same holds true for man’s best friend. Along with following your veterinarian’s recommendations for your dog's diet and target calorie intake, exercise can help your pet achieve healthy weight loss. The pounds will shed faster, and stay off, when your dog is not only taking in fewer calories but is also burning them off. Remember to keep the routine fun and flexible so you and your dog remain interested

Set aside a time you know you can look forward to playing fetch with your dog

Sometimes it seems you’re doing a million things at once, but the one thing you’re not doing is setting aside important time to exercise, even if it’s a simple game of fetch. To make this even more enjoyable for both you and your dog, try and schedule a frisky game of fetch or a stimulating run or walk every day.

What 'counts' as exercise?

If your Labrador is high energy and just itching to get out the door as soon as you wake up or get home from work, a good run through the park or passionate game of fetch would be considered a good amount of exercise. If your dog is less active and considers rolling over a strenuous day, a short walk around the block is maybe all he needs, or can handle. Don’t push it.