The New Kitten Checklist

Bringing a new kitten home is an exciting time! In all of the commotion, it’s important to have her environment ready for her arrival. That means prepping more than just the basic food dishes, bed and litter box. You’ll need to properly kitten-proof your home and get the right toys for playtime too.

Kitten-Proofing Your Home

Kittens love to play, which means they can get into all sorts of trouble. Run through the checklist below to make sure your new kitten’s home is ready for them:
  • Hide exposed electrical wires, and block unused electrical outlets. 
  • Put away small items like rubber bands, string, pens, pencils and needles. 
  • Keep plastic bags or foam products out of your kitten’s reach. 
  • Keep lids of trash cans closed and toilet seats down. 
  • Be cautious with household appliances like hot irons. 
  • Lock up pesticides, rat killers, automotive goods, medications and other toxic substances because cats can learn to open cabinets. 
  • Remove plants indoors and outdoors that may be toxic to your kitten. 
  • Keep cupboards, drawers, baskets and even washers or dryers closed to discourage your cat from hiding in them.

Activity Time

There are a few toys and tools you can get to keep your kitten entertained. Make sure you have these ready to go once your kitten gets home:

  • A scratching post will allow your kitten to scratch in an appropriate place instead of on your furniture, for example.
  • A cat tree allows your feline to climb and move around in her own space rather than in yours. 
  • Toys appropriate for cats can be made, found around your home or bought. Keeping a few toys around will encourage her to interact with you and help ward off boredom, which can sometimes lead to behavioral issues.

Visit Your Vet

Make sure you take your kitten to the vet within 24-72 hours of arriving at home. Your veterinarian will suggest some ways to help your kitten acclimate, and a thorough exam to make sure she’s healthy.

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