Getting Your Cat to The Vet: What to Expect and why it’s Worth the Hassle

While taking your cat to the vet maybe a trying experience, it is of the utmost importance that they see the vet regularly. Cats are stoic and can easily hide when they’re not feeling well, so regular veterinary visits are critical to your pet’s wellbeing.

What to Expect
Your cat’s first vet visit is crucial to setting the tone for the rest of her visits. During your cat’s first visit, your veterinarian will:
  • Discuss your feline’s history (depending on her age) 
  • Perform any needed tests, vaccinations or treatments 
  • Complete her health record 
  • Advise on deworming, if needed 
  • Advise about any grooming needs, health issues or behavioral issues specific to her breed

Giving your pet regular head-to-tail “check-ups” will help prepare her for being handled by the vet and establish this as a normal part of her routine. Be sure to reward your feline for good behavior, whether it be with special treats or extra playtime, so the experience ends up being a positive activity.

During subsequent regular visits, your veterinarian will:

  • Monitor your cat’s body condition and weight 
  • Keep her up to date on vaccinations 
  • Check her for any signs of illness 
  • Help prevent and treat medical conditions

Consistency is Key

Cats are stoic creatures with a high pain and discomfort tolerance, so regular vet visits can help catch illnesses and conditions you might have missed. Regular vet visits can also help keep your feline at  a healthy weight. Approximately 40% of cats and dogs exceed their ideal weight, according to the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition. A cat is considered obese if its body weight is 15% higher than its ideal weight, so just a couple of extra pounds can put his health and livelihood at risk.
It’s hard to get your cat to the vet, but yearly (if not twice-yearly) check-ups are critical to making sure your cat lives its healthiest life. Talk to your vet for more suggestions on how to get your cat acquainted with and prepared for veterinary visits.

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