The Ragdoll Cat: The Lovable Lounger

Ragdoll History

The Ragdoll cat is a relatively new breed. Ragdolls first made their appearance on the cat scene in 1963 when a breeder crossed a free-roaming white female cat with other cats she owned or found. Noticing the affectionate and calm temperament of the litters, those kittens were the genesis of the Ragdoll as we know it today.

“The Puppy Cat”

True to their nickname, Ragdolls love to be with their family. They are loving, gentle and placid and will follow their owners from room to room. Ragdolls got the name because they flop like ragdolls in their owners’ arms. These cats don’t need much exercise, but they love to play, making them great family pets, especially for families with little children.

 A Ragdoll’s long and fluffy coat may look to be high maintenance, but looks can be deceiving. Their coat requires regular combing to remove tangles and dead hair to help keep it looking fabulous.

Ragdoll Health Concerns

Ragdolls are generally healthy but, as one of the largest cat breeds, can be prone to cardiac sensitivities. Along with regular visits to the vet, nutrition can help support heart health. Owners should consider food with high levels of EPA and DHA to support healthy cardiac function and bone and joint health, like ROYAL CANIN® BREED HEALTH NUTRITION® Ragdoll.

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