Vaccinating Your Puppy

Vaccinations are important to your puppy as they help prevent contagious and life-threatening diseases. Some are required, while others are simply recommended. If you have recently brought home a puppy, it’s your job to discuss with a veterinarian the best vaccination program to protect your puppy.
  • Inoculation is most effective when given at fixed dates with booster vaccinations.
  • Puppies usually begin a vaccination program at the age of six to eight weeks.
  • Your veterinarian will help you choose the vaccination program best suited for your puppy, depending on the risk he faces from genetics, lifestyle and environment.
  • Tell your veterinarian where your puppy will spend time (visiting doggie day care or kennels, in the woods, traveling outside the country, etc.), as special vaccinations may be required.


  • Vaccinations supplement your puppy’s natural defenses. 
  • Most kennels and doggie day care facilities require proof that vaccinations are current. 
  • Call your veterinarian to get your puppy started on a vaccination schedule.