House Training Help

House training is hard. It takes time, dedication and more than enough accidents to make it through, but here are a few ways to help ease the process:
  • Every Hour, On the Hour. Taking your puppy out frequently in the beginning does a few things –first, it helps minimize the risk of accidents in the house. By giving your puppy more opportunities to go to the bathroom where you want, there is less of a need to pee where you don’t want. Second, frequent trips helps establish a consistent routine where the puppy canlearn what is expected of him.
  • Celebrate! Every time your puppy uses the bathroom outside, it’s an event worth celebrating with lots of praise. Make sure you’re going outside with your puppy so that you can give immediate praise with your voice and lots of petting. On the other side of the spectrum, never punish or reprimand a puppy who has had an accident. Instead find ways to prevent your puppy from having accidents indoors.
  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled. If your puppy turns round and round or sniffs the floor indoors, he needs to go. But don’t wait for your puppy to signal to you that he wants to go out. Most puppies will not learn to signal their need until they first learn to “hold it” in the house.
  • Stay In Close Quarters. Most accidents happen by allowing too much freedom too soon. Confine the puppy to one or two rooms in the house where the family spends the most time so you can prevent accidents. Crate him when you can’t supervise him. In the event of an accident, disinfect the spot to remove his smell but don’t clean it up while he’s in the room, to avoid stimulating his interest.

House training can be a long and arduous task, but when done right can pay off for both you and your pet. Establishing a consistent routine, loading up on positive reinforcement and keeping a close eye on your puppy can help streamline the process and reinforce the human-pet bond.

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