The German Shepherd: Partner and Protector

German Shepherd History

German Shepherds can trace their ancestry back to ancient herding and farm dogs, but the breed wasn’t standardized until 1889. Since then, German Shepherds have become known for their intelligence and courage, popular both as police dogs and family pets. After being recognized by the AKC in 1906, German Shepherds skyrocketed to popularity, becoming the second most popular dog breed in the United States.

Work Hard, Play Hard

German Shepherds are known for their athleticism, and they require a fair amount of exercise and mental stimulation. These dogs are versatile enough to live in large apartments or homes as long as they are exercised regularly. Their versatility is also what makes them great family pets. German Shepherds are highly intelligent and protective of their owners, so with proper training, they can be loyal and loving companions. This breed does tend to be wary of strangers though, so it’s best to introduce new people cautiously.

German Shepherds are easy to groom but do require consistent care. Their thick double coat needs frequent brushing to keep from matting. Experienced owners will attest to finding clumps of dog fur around the house, so if you’re planning to adopt a German Shepherd, be prepared for the shedding.

Happy and Healthy German Shepherds

German Shepherds are a generally healthy breed but can be prone to orthopedic issues, like hip dysplasia, and digestive issues. Proper nutrition for the German Shepherd can help. Food with highly digestible proteins and balanced fiber content, like ROYAL CANIN® BREED HEALTH NUTRITION® German Shepherd, can help keep your German Shepherd in healthy condition.